Tringali Community Center

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The Tringali Center Recreation Building was the final phase of the Joseph A. Tringali Recreation Complex campus which included a Cultural Arts Center, Public Library and tennis courts. The 12,665 square foot facility included a 9,335 square foot multi-purpose area, two 600+ square foot public meeting rooms and a 195 square foot athletic program administration office. Based upon input from …

Riverside Community Center

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The community center at Riverside Park is located on the shore of the Caloosahatchee River in East Fort Myers. The 10,000 square foot building contains a ceramics studio, woodworking shop, meeting room, full kitchen and an auditorium with a working stage. The councilman representing the ward where the facility is located was concerned for his citizens that the building be …

Quality Life Center

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GMA Architects & Planners is honored to have been selected as the Architects for the expansion and addition to the existing Quality Life Center facility in Fort Myers. Since its incorporation in 1992, the Quality Life Center, affectionately known as the “Q”, has endeavored to instill the values of honesty, integrity, discipline, the pursuit of excellence, personal and community responsibility, …

Lee Health Daycare

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This contemporary building, located on Plantation Road, shall be the home of the Gulf Coast Medical Center?s new Child Development Center. The building features perimeter tower structures that punctuate the main body of the building and are capped with pergolas. Modern Contemporary architecture style was applied to the porte cochere at the front entry, with custom metal exposed trusses, a …

Coronado High School

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The Coronado High School is an adaptive Re-Use project of an 11,000 sq. ft. existing commercial/warehouse facility. The owner/user Accelerated Learning Solutions was in need to develop and accommodate 150 Students in different class room settings with individual computer desks. Some of the challenges of this project was the need to update the facility to present code requirements, and the owner’s urgency in his schedule to be able to open the facility following the school year. Structure, restroom, HVAC and electrical systems, landscape and irrigation were all designed according to the new code guidelines. Support facilities for the students and the faculty were also part of the project scope. Faculty and student lounge were provided with exterior pleasant views.
The completion of the project and fulfillment of the client’s needs came as a result of good communication and information exchanged between owner, contractor, consultants and architects.

Guadalupe Family Center

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Guadalupe Family Center is a child care center which also offers life skill training to parents in economically challenged Immokalee, Florida. Immokalee is a diverse multi-cultural community which has historically been populated by migrant agricultural workers. As the town matures, more families have been putting down roots by living and working full time in the community. Second and now third generation children are being taught and cared for at the center.
The mission of Guadalupe Center is to promote self-sufficiency, opportunity and community stability. The organization is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty. The family center focuses on the very young child and their parents, by advancing early education, parenting skills and English as a second language.

The building project is currently in it’s second and final phase of development. Phase I is a 17,945 s.f. building which includes ten classrooms, administration offices, expandable meeting rooms and outdoor play space. Phase II will be a 14,275 s.f. building replacement of the original 10,000 s.f. facility. It will include eight additional classrooms, a new commercial kitchen, dining facilities and addition office/planning space.

The design of the building provides playful references to the alphabet, numbers, crayons and identifiable school building forms. Interior and exterior windows are placed for viewing by adults and young children. Daylighting is introduced into the interior of the building by insulated skylights, located strategically in high volume spaces at the center of classroom clusters, thus reducing the feeling of long corridors.

Guadalupe Family Center is appropriately located on "Hope Circle".

Edison Community College-Allied Health Facility

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The Allied Health Facility for Edison Community College is a 68,000 square foot building housing the college’s health related programs. The facility serves: Associate Degree Nursing, Cardiovascular Technology, Radiological Technology, Physical/Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy Technology, Emergency Medical Services and general sciences. The Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant programs are taught in a full service dental clinic.
In addition to the laboratory settings, the facility also includes administrative offices, general classrooms, and a state-of-the-art 100-seat Distance Learning Center.

Completed in 2000, the Allied Health Facility created a new front door to the Lee County campus with a two-story atrium space and curvilinear form, without departing from the character of the existing campus.

Harlem Heights Community Center

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This center is the inspiration of one of the oldest, most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods in Lee County, Harlem Heights. It's foundation will raise +/- $2,000,000 to build this 13,000 square foot facility on a 5 acre site donated by one of their benefactors.The central location of this site will help integrate the existing ball fields and park with the rest of the neighborhood by establishing a recreation corridor accessible by pedestrians, bikes and automobiles. The building design on the site is an extroverted and dynamic composition of spaces that reach out to every corner of the site and to every member of the community.
The 250 seat cultural arts hall and the 6,000 square good education wing are joined by a grand circular lobby that will house various exhibits and receptions. The center will offer a variety of recreational and educational programs for children, teens, adults, and seniors. Groundbreaking is anticipated by the end of 2007