Interior Design


Contract Administration

GMA Architects & Planners provides a full slate of architectural services, including programming, planning, architectural and interior design, and contract administration. We can also offer expert guidance in site planning and sustainability management. From initial consultation through permitting and construction, GMA will be there every step of the way.


The initial phase of any architectural project involves programming, allowing our professionals to collect and interpret initial information. We will interview your key team members to determine both what they want and envision in a building, and how they need the space to function.

We also examine specific requirements and desires: Is privacy an issue? Does the building need to meet specific energy efficiency requirements? Are there particular materials to incorporate into the design? Our team will then look closely at your project site to determine any physical or governmental constraints that may exist. This exploration includes determining how traffic needs to flow into and out of the site.


Whether you are constructing a single building or designing a master-planned community in Southwest Florida, GMA Architects & Planners has the expertise to assist you through the entire process. We provide thorough and complete site and master planning for residential developments, office parks, mixed-use projects and industrial parks. For all of your site plan needs, you can trust our professionals to get your project through permitting and construction!


The design of our built environment is a synthesis of art and science. As architects, we at GMA strive to develop buildings in Southwest Florida that meet the practical and functional requirements of our clients while enhancing the built environment of the community. At our drawing tables, the creative elements of light, shadow, texture, massing and volume meet the practical constraints of cost, construction techniques and technology. The result? A building that performs well today and into the future.


Developing an interior space that meets the functional and aesthetic needs of a client is the role of the interior designer. At GMA Architects & Planners, our interior design team will meet with you to determine how the space needs to function for the end user, as well as the overall look and atmosphere that the space needs to convey. Armed with this information, our designers establish a conceptual direction, then bring that concept to life.

Our Interior Design Team:

  • Analyzes your project’s particular needs
  • Develops preliminary space plans
  • Works with the client in choosing furniture, fixtures, colors, materials and finishes
  • Coordinates with the architects and other design professionals to ensure a properly functioning interior space

GMA’s interior design department allows for the seamless flow of projects, from initial programming through client occupancy.

Contract Adminstration

After the architectural design is finalized, our contract administration team is available to assist in ensuring the project flows smoothly from permitting through construction. As contract administrators, GMA Architects & Planners is your liaison with the general contractor. We can provide detailed construction documents to assist contractors in delivering a final project that meets all specifications. And, if problems or other challenges arise, we are there to facilitate rapid resolution.