GMA Architects & Planners is committed to designing meaningful architecture that considers the well-being of the occupants, community and environment of which it is a part.

Our Vision

We Believe:

The essence of Sustainable Architecture is the integration of products, systems and strategies to create high-performance buildings that meet the needs and budgets of our clients while curbing negative impacts on the environment and reducing workplace contaminates. Teamwork is the key to integration of sustainable objectives across the spectrum of the building development. From determining common goals with the Owner during the early stages of programming, to communicating those goals to the project team, to field observation to verify that the design is properly executed, this continuity of focus is crucial.

To be truly sustainable, structures need to be built to last. The selection of locally available, easily maintainable, long-lasting materials results in a project that remains aesthetically pleasing, costs less to maintain, contributes to the local economy, and minimizes demolition materials entering the waste stream.

Sustainable Architecture is a long-term commitment that rests at the core of our practice. We have been an active member of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) for more than five years. Our firm provides continuing education opportunities and workshops to assist associates as they prepare for testing to become certified as LEED Accredited Professionals by the USGBC. To date, three members of the GMA team have achieved this prestigious and important designation. We consistently seek out consultants who share this vision and can work hand in hand with us to provide our clients with long-lasting, easily maintainable buildings that provide physically and emotionally healthy spaces in which to work, live and play.


GMA Architects & Planners strives to:

  • Minimize the use of natural resources and lessen our impacts on the environment within our operations and in our designs.
  • Adopt a purchasing policy that reduces resource need and utilizes efficient technologies whenever possible.
  • Reduce waste by reuse and recycling.
  • Encourage suppliers and clients to promote sustainability.
  • Promote social sustainability within the community.


Select Sustainable Achievements

GMA pioneered the concept of sealing attic spaces against the moisture-laden air in Southwest Florida that has now become the commonly accepted practice.

Zero-VOC paints and compliant adhesives, formaldehyde-free boards and substrates, and "Green Label +" carpeting are all part of our standard specifications.

Our thoughtful building orientation, window placement, shading, and interior design attention contribute significantly to customer and employee satisfaction, as well as increased productivity.

Careful site orientation and landscape choices reflect good stewardship and promote maximum biospanersity.

Facilitating the conversion of the historic Edison Theater in downtown Fort Myers into offices was one of the first sustainable projects the team collaborated on. Redesigning an unused space into productive space is not only sustainable development, it helped revitalize downtown.

Adaptive reuse of an existing building was a cost-effective and sustainable alternative for the South Lee County Regional Library. We included one of the area's first ice thermal storage cooling systems that significantly cut cooling costs and provided superior dehumidification appropriate for the building use. Additionally, our use of high-performance glazing allowed for us to create some unconventional reading nooks, bringing daylight into a formerly dark building. This project was completed in 1996.

The Bonita Springs Recreation Center built in 1996 includes an innovative passive/active ventilation system that features overhead doors, sliding screen panels, and high-volume fans to pull cooled air through openings shaded by vegetation and exaggerated overhangs.

The Riverside Community Center was built in 2000, designed in the Old Florida Cracker-style that complements, rather than competes with, its neighbors. Sweeping porches and working windows capture cool river breezes. GMA Architects & Planners is adept at seamlessly integrating innovative materials that do not compromise the integrity of design.

Our design for the 120,000-square-foot Executive Office Tower for WCI Communities has been specified with the goal of achieving a minimum of LEED Silver Certification by the United States Green Building Council.

GMA proudly acted as Specification Consultant and prepared the Project Manual for the Casa San Juan Bosco workforce housing project in Arcadia, Florida. In addition to embracing socially sustainable attributes, all 128 homes will be certified as "Green Homes" and the entire project will be certified as a "Green Land Development" by the Florida Green Building Coalition.

GMA Architects & Planners is currently designing a mixed-use project in Naples, Florida, that is committed to achieving LEED Gold Certification. The Docks on Fifth project on Naples Bay includes a dry dock facility for 105 boats and a 16,700-square-foot commercial building in addition to LEED Certification for the buildings. The developer/operator intends to achieve "Florida Clean Marina" designation for the marina operation.