The GMA Team

Ramon Acevedo

President/Principal Architect

Mr. Acevedo is a registered architect with more than 30 years of experience in programming, site and building design, development of construction documents, and operation of on-site construction administration activities.

He has previously worked in Ohio and Puerto Rico where he gained extensive knowledge in the development of pharmaceutical facilities.

Mr. Acevedo’s experience with GMA Architects & Planners includes design-build, fast track, and design delivery systems in a variety of project types such as corporate headquarters, commercial buildings, retail, and government complexes.

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Noel Hernandez

Project Architect

Florida native

Started with the Firm December 2004

After taking his backpack on a three-month walkabout, Noel joined Gora McGahey to see how a real architecture firm works. When not spending time with family and friends, Noel enjoys reading (preferably on the beach) and culinary experimentation.

P.S. Go Gators and Hook’em Horns

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Zachary E. Smith

Project Manager / Designer

Mr. Smith has an extensive background in the architecture and construction industry for nearly 20 years, and served as a consulting architect for many Southwest Florida-based operations.

His most notable work includes: The Landings Wheelhouse and Helm Club renovations, Riverwood Community Clubhouse, DeSoto Fire Station and many more.

He was an adjunct professor of architecture for five years at a college in Fort Myers, adding significant teaching experience to his portfolio.

Zachary is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. He received his Master Degree in Architecture from California State Polytechnic University and Florida International University.

His greatest accomplishment is continuing a local multi-generational legacy with his three children, Mary, Stella and Axl.

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Marco Guerrero

Project Manager

Mr. Guerrero’s experience in the architectural and engineering field totals 40 years, consisting of work in the architectural, civil & structural fields. Project Manager, Quality Control (checking drawings), Construction Site Supervisor for SIKA Co. (Chemical Products for Construction), Code Review, Developing schematic and final architectural drawings.

Marco is proficient in the use of CADD systems on P.C.’s using AutoCad ver. 2021, and other various software programs such as (Microsoft Office Programs).

He is fluent in Spanish and English.

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Annette Filer

Project Manager

Annette’s experience is with institutional, commercial, industrial & residential projects.

Performed duties including programming, space planning, design development, construction drawings, rendering color presentations, on-site inspections, punch list and permit processing.

Reviewed plans and specifications during all phases of drawings, prior to bidding, and prepared revisions to plans from various building departments.

Performed contract administration on projects under construction, with site visits, responding to RFI’s, RCO’s, & shop drawings, and permit processing.

She has previously worked in Miami, Florida for 23 years.

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Jeff Pardi


Mr. Pardi is an architectural graphics specialist with more than 17 years experience in Florida and Ohio.

He has extensive background in the latest computer modeling programs such as Revit (building information modeling), AutoCAD, 3-D graphics programs, etc.

This experience gives him the ability to quickly produce fully integrated construction documents and professional quality presentation material for use as project visioning aids.

Jeff has completed a long list of residential and commercial projects for GMA Architects.

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Ken Buschle

Specifications/Quality Control

Mr. Buschle became GMA’s first full-time Contract Administrator in 1988.

Since then he has built the Construction Administration department into a three-person team that provides specifications research and documents, quality control coordination, probable cost opinions, bidding management and Construction Contract Administration.

He is a state and nationally certified building inspector in all major areas of construction.

From his construction-oriented vantage point, Ken serves as document review and coordination manager. His review prior to final issue and his involvement in the bidding process helps assure clear, coordinated documents which result in tight bids, few change orders, and consistent schedule compliance

Mr. Buschle has lead GMA’s 20-year pursuit of sustainable design.

As president-elect and board member of the local chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), he has been a leader in introducing cutting-edge technology as well common sense, environmentally sound practices to the local construction community as well to GMA architects.

He administers GMA’s in-house continuing education programs, with an emphasis on sustainability and building technology. Ken has been accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council as a LEED professional (LEED AP) and is an active member of the Florida Green Building Coalition.

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Felix Medina  

Project Designer

Born in Naples, Florida

Started with the firm in May, 2004 to 2013 and again in June 2022.

Felix started with us as a runner while finishing his two-ish year CADD degree at Edison College. He learned how projects are developed and became acquainted with our consultants while delivering plans. He has grown into a key member of the Firm specializing in 3D images.

He lived in Immokalee for 21 years before moving to L.A. (Lehigh Acres) with his wife. When not in the office, he can be found working on rebuilding trucks. He spends his free time building what will be the ultimate low rider one day.  He still finds time to fish and keep in touch with old friends.

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Scott Bennett

CADD Draftsman

Born in Long Island, NY

Started with Firm Feb. 2022

Like many people in SW Florida, Scott was born in New York. He spent much of his life in central Florida before moving to Fort Myers in 1989 and has worked for some of the top firms in the area. Scott has been with the firm since Feb. 2022. He was married in 2001 to his lovely wife Kelly, and they are now empty nesters. Scott is an avid Florida Gator fan, classic car and truck enthusiast and enjoys art, music and the beach.

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Becky Gibbard

Marketing/Office Manager

Ms. Gibbard fled the frozen tundra of her hometown of Buffalo, N.Y., to Southwest Florida with her family in 1980. She is a graduate of Fort Myers High School and Edison Community College (now Florida SouthWestern State College). Becky joined the firm in March 2004.

Married in 1997 to Charlie, she lives in Cape Coral with her two Rat Terriers, Eddie and Raiden.

Becky is an avid Dallas Cowboys and Florida Gators fan, and enjoys tennis, golf, planning social events, interior decorating and cooking.

Between work, social activities, athletics, and managing a home, she stays quite busy, but always manages to do so with exceptional and organizational efficiency.

Her weekends consist of good friends, good music, “Jeeping,” camping, sunning and generally enjoying life and the laid-back Florida lifestyle..

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Denise Weisinger


Born in Louisville, Ky., Ms. Weisinger moved to Florida in 1989 and started work with GMA Architects & Planners in November 1997.

She worked for various companies before meeting her husband, Jamie, and starting a family (not necessarily in that order).

Working on her degree part time, it seemed she was going to be a “lifetime student.” However, through diligence and with fortitude, she soldiered on to complete her studies at the University of South Florida in 1994.

Although initially working full time, she is now able to work part time to spend more time playing tennis, visiting her daughter in college and watching her son play various sports.

Denise and her husband like to travel and spend many weekends a year supporting various favorite sports teams.

Being from the Bluegrass State, she enjoys “The Sport of Kings” and tries to make it to at least one Triple Crown event each year. She also enjoys boating, skiing and running.

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Rich McConville

Construction Administration (CA)

Construction Administration (CA) assists in the realization of the Design vision by providing expert communication between the Architect and the Construction team. Owner relations, document coordination between the teams, review of the submitted elements, providing clarifications, reviewing pay requests and monitoring the work as it is performed for compliance are all components of CA. Decades of participation in the construction process from raw land to finished use has prepared Rich to be of particular value in this process.

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